2 days left to support Urban Roots: Youth Agriculture in Austin

You may or may not know about Urban Roots. It’s a youth agriculture program in Austin which has been up and running for five or so years in Austin. Youth from across the city learn to grow organic vegetables, market them and prepare them. In addition to running a successful CSA (community supported agriculture) program where subscribers get veggies for 4 months, they’ve contributed over 30,000 pounds of organic vegetables to local food banks.

The farm where they work is just 2 miles from my house. This year was the first year we subscribed to the CSA program and the quality of the food was incredible, as good or better than any of the premier organic markets in the area.

Cobrahead, a fantastic garden tool company has partnered with Urban Roots in a fundraiser where for every dollar Urban Roots raises, they’ll match with equal value in garden tools and supplies. If healthy, local food and youth development are important to you, please contribute here: